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Educational Resources

Family Engagement

CETE’s experts assist schools, education agencies, and community organizations to effectively partner with families to support learning and healthy development of children (Pre-K–12th grade). We have a long history of working with the Ohio Department of Education and other state agencies, school districts, and other stakeholders on a wide range of projects. CETE bases its approach on recognizing that desired outcomes for children are achieved through dynamic partnerships of families and professionals. CETE staff members have experience equipping schools and organizations to engage families through training, curriculum development, content expertise, district and school plans development, coordination, parent surveys, and leadership. We deliver professional development opportunities to a wide variety of parents and professionals for improving family engagement capacities.

Curriculum Development

Our dedicated staff members possess unparalleled credentials in curriculum and instruction. The Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE) tailors processes and models to meet your needs in any setting. Our team designs and develops theoretical and practical instruction and resources to provide individuals in the workforce with the knowledge and skills needed for success in the workplace. We identify jobs and tasks, design training and educational programs, create other tools to support performance, assist in implementing courses, and evaluate the effectiveness of desired programs. We lead you through curriculum development processes as well as offer technical assistance.

Our staff members use a variety of processes and models to develop curricula, instructional materials, and other tools and resources to support workforce performance and talent development across all market sectors. We customize our approach based on the specific project and your needs, and offer solutions in a variety of formats, including print and elearning.

Instructor Coaching

With experience in the development of multistate teacher mentoring programs, CETE staff members use a combination of online resources, interactive media, and targeted coaching to create collaborative, supportive learning environments for you. We design our techniques to support recruitment, selection, training, coaching, and retention of qualified teachers in high-need, hard-to-staff school systems.

Learning Management Systems

CETE develops online learning modules and courses that provide training and education to meet specific learning needs. We organize and maintain those online components through customizable learning management systems to provide on-demand training and education to reach learners at a distance.

Teacher Training

CETE staff members lead the way in developing and fostering pathways for teacher certification and licensure. Based on current research and best practices, we create and deliver programs combining coursework, networking, supervision, and advising — the professional development and supports needed to prepare teachers for technical licenses.