CETE Staff Creates New Items for Virtual Lab School (VLS)

CETE staffers recently produced 77 questions related to best practices in multilingual preschool classrooms. These questions, designed in partnership with the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Virtual Lad stock photo

The item bank was written for a Focused Topics course entitled Supporting Language Diversity: Direct Care. This three-lesson course explains the benefits that multi-language settings bring to children’s development and trajectory. It provides strategies on supporting dual language learners (children who are bilingual or are beginning to learn English) as well as monolingual children who speak only English.

The team of SMEs included Kenyona Walker, Marcie Kamb, Jodi Lemaster, and Dr. James Austin, all staff members of CETE.

About The Virtual Lab School

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Contributors: Jodi Lemaster, James Austin, Angela Stansell