CETE Building Renovation Means Professional Space for Kenny Rd Area

CETE Building before and after photos

Spring is a time for renewal. At CETE this year, Spring meant a substantial renovation of our building. If you walk by you might see glistening new windows, and a casual walk through the building will reveal a new entry space for guests, new flooring, trim, signage, and fresh paint. The new windows are double-paned and glazed for more energy efficiency, and will keep out drafty winter winds. Along with new windows, there are new exterior doors with keycard entry. The new floors are a durable laminate, easy to keep clean and fresh looking, and should last for a long time. And last but not least, we always want to put our best foot forward and to show our Buckeye pride! Our new color scheme is consistent with OSU’s branding, with red and gray accent colors to spark imagination and energy. In total, the renovation makes our building shine, with professional hallways and rooms ready for all the various groups that walk through our doors every day. This renovation was jointly funded by the College of Education and Human Ecology and the OSU Facilities, Operations, and Development (FOD) Department. We are so grateful to those who worked hard to see this project through. We invite you to stop by and see our newly renovated building this Fall!

Contributor: Meredith Wellman