ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: GALYA KERNS Self-Made Contemporary Artist Uses Oil Paints and a Dash of Darkness to Inspire her Creations

Written by Marcie Kamb, March 5, 2020

Originally from Russia, Galya Kerns worked as an economist for an oil and gas company. Although it paid the bills, she became bored with the industry and found herself wanting to create.  When she relocated to the United States, she thought, “Maybe I can start painting.”

Galya with her painting “Child of Sky”.

Start painting, she did. “I started with really dark art because I always liked horror movies. I created demons and skulls, but not everyone likes this type of art because it is so dark and not everyone wants to see it in their living room.” She shifted her focus from demons and skulls to a more contemporary style featuring women’s faces and the use of different medias. “I use fabric, pieces of glass, and all different types of materials. I find inspiration everywhere and often open up fashion magazines for ideas.”

Kern’s work has been published in magazines in Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Australia, France, and India. Her work has been featured in galleries across Columbus, Center of Science and Industry (COSI), Ruth Chris Restaurant, and her Lonely Marionette piece will soon be incorporated into an Akron Symphony Orchestra poster.

Her work can be viewed and purchased through her website https://patronart.com/galyakerns.