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From the Director

On behalf of the CETE family, I am pleased to introduce you to our CETE website and to offer my vision for CETE into the 21st century. For more than 50 years, CETE, formerly known as the Center on Education and Training for Employment, has provided a range of services to support education, community, and workforce development. The history of CETE is a narrative account that has met the distinguished needs of those who have embraced our commitment to excellence.

CETE is actively engaged in conversations and partnerships within The Ohio State University to share networks and build relationships to expand outreach, research, and teaching for both Ohio State and CETE. With a long history of involvement in the international arena, CETE serves both globally and locally while offering ongoing support and practical services.

CETE continues to fulfill its mission to design and provide effective, quality products, services, and leadership that promotes workforce development, embraces the need for lifelong learning, and provides avenues to address complex issues affecting individuals, families, schools, communities, and organizations. As we pursue the challenge to continue our growth and outreach, I am committed to developing the leadership model for the next century.


Robert Mahlman
The Ohio State University