5 Trainers in a Car

CETE Instructional Development Specialist Cara North participating in “5 Trainers in a Car” podcast

CETE Instructional Development Specialist Cara North is a guest on Episode #9 of the learning and development podcast “5 Trainers in a Car.” This podcast, which focuses on learning and development issues in an informal environment, is accessible via the website http://5trainersinacar.thebackstoryproject.com/ or can be downloaded in Itunes. The participants shared information about what they learned during the Central Ohio Association for Talent and Development (COATD) Learning Technology Day while driving around the parking lot of the conference center.

COATD serves the needs of trainers, educators, administrators, managers, researchers, and consultants in the fields of human resources and organizational development. As a professional association, it is a leading resource on workplace learning and performance.

Contributor: Cara North