We are delighted to welcome Tyler Degen to the Center on Education and Training for Employment as a Systems Developer. Tyler moved from Buffalo New York to attend The Ohio State University, where he received a B.S. in Computer and Information Sciences. 

Tyler continued to make intellectual contributions to his fellow Buckeyes while working for the Association of College and University Housing Offices – International at The Ohio State University where he supported a network of universities representing 3.2 million on-campus students across the world. He also served as a Web Developer for the Office of Research.  

Tyler loves working with the center’s partners, attending meetings, and engaging in development work within different applications. “I feel like the work here has a scope that is large and yet focused at the same time. I am excited to jump into the WebXam project and will enjoy the opportunity to have a variety of responsibilities.”  

Tyler loves Mediterranean food, his adopted Greyhound Charlie, and dance. He shows off his fancy footwork through ballroom, tap, and jazz classes throughout Columbus. 

Contributors: Marcie Kamb, Tyler Degen